My Wife Hates Me! Why?!

Does your wife hate you? You know she hates you but you can’t figure out why. You are not alone in this dilemma. There is a huge demographic of puzzled husband out there looking to understand where he messed up and caused his wife to hate him. This will come out of nowhere and will surely catch you by surprise. Here are possible reasons why she hates you.

What is Happening?

You made a mistake. You should acknowledge that you did something wring t make her feel that way. You might not know why but you just have to accept that fact and act sorry. You can do this first and start figuring out the reason later. When she says she hates you, it usually come with anger. Anger is the least thing that you need when talking to someone. It will enhance emotional triggers. I sigh can come out as a sign of rebellion. Those stuff. Just accept you did something wrong and we will find out the reason later.

My Bad. Now what?

Here we go. After showing remorse and acknowledging your alleged mistake. It is time to figure things out. You must have done something wrong for her to feel this way. It can be very difficult to discover your mistake but you have to pinpoint it so that it does not happen again.

1. Financial Problem

Love of money is the root of all evil. Sometimes working too hard causes isolation form your partner. She will blame money for taking too much of your time with her. That is true but in other cases, it is not about love of money it is about the “lack of money”! Money is the most common causes of broken relationships. It destroys even the strongest friendships and potentially your relationship. You must always balance your priorities!

2. Carelessness

Women are very enduring and they are ready to drag a few things for you. They will try their best¬† to appear stable and okay. If you are too lenient, you will be in a rut sooner or later. Women explode out of nowhere. If they have their cup filled, get ready cause she’s going to pour it — on you! You should always be mindful. Ask her how she is every now and then. You should be more thoughtful and keep updated with her emotions.

3. Hormones

This is the easiest cause of your wife’s hateful attitude. When she is on her period, her hormonal imbalance will increase her irritability to an exponential level. To deal with this problem, you just have to endure it. It will pass. If you endure it well after a week, you will be greatly rewarded, with finger crossed, rightfully.

How To Make Her Stop Hating

You can read books about how to win her back and make her love you again.  This is easier said than done. You have to be more careful, look better, dress better, be more expressive with you feelings, and just be the guy she will cheat on you with.

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