Which Dating Apps Yield the Best Results?

After extensive research and years of using different apps we have determined and conclude that Tinder is by far the best dating app out right now. However, it really depends on your age group and what you are looking for. Those in their 20s are using Tinder in order to

My Wife Hates Me! Why?!

Does your wife hate you? You know she hates you but you can’t figure out why. You are not alone in this dilemma. There is a huge demographic of puzzled husband out there looking to understand where he messed up and caused his wife to hate him. This will come

My Wife Wants A Divorce

Your wife wants a divorce but you don’t. You know the saddest thing about breakups? Someone is going to hurt more than the other. This is reality and in this particular situation, you are on the losing side. In this article, we will answer the question about why she wants