My Wife Wants A Divorce

Your wife wants a divorce but you don’t. You know the saddest thing about breakups? Someone is going to hurt more than the other. This is reality and in this particular situation, you are on the losing side. In this article, we will answer the question about why she wants a divorce, how to change her mind, and where to seek help.

Some things are not really worth losing. The worst promise that you cannot keep is a wedding vow. That moment when til death do you part turns into a document discussing child support and a restraining order. This is the worst thing that can happen to your marriage. As you read this article, I advise you to stay calm and think only after you have read the whole thing.

Why She Left You

There are common reasons why women choose to divorce. If you haven’t figured out the real reason why she calling it quits, read this section and introspect.

Marriage Got Boring

She might have lost interest along the way. A mid life crisis can be a great cause for losing the spark in your relationship. Now is too late to try to make it fun. She has decided. We will fix this in the later part. Read on.

External Influences

Side comments from external parties like friends and family can be very harmful in the way your wife sees you. She might have been receiving too much criticism from these people that she is lead to believe in their judgement resulting to her losing affection for you.

A Broken Vow

Remember the vows you made during your wedding? You must have said something there and fail to accomplish after the wedding. Women are very sensitive when it comes to promises. She might haave lost trust in your ability to keep your word.

An Affair

If you cheated on her, it’s really self explanatory. Just read on and maybe we can find a way to fix that. She might have forgiven you a couple of times before but now she means it and files a divorce. This is the toughest

Fallen Out Of Love

The thing about having too much alone time is the risk of overthinking. You must have been too busy to spend time with her and she is left by herself. When women are alone, they tend to think too hard and create problems that are not even there in the first place. If this keeps on, her love for you will die a natural death.

What To Do

The easiest way is to seek help from instruction books. There are a lot of relationship fix books out there with great insight. Counseling also helps. The main thing here is you do not have to deal with it yourselves. You may include someone or something that is an expert in this kind of problems. Let it nurture you and change the way you act and think. You must be very patient because the winning back process will not only take effort but also time. Give yourself a realistic expectation or deadline. Change for the better and do not be the same man that she decided to have a divorce with.

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