My Husband Wants a Divorce. What Should I Do?

Does your husband want a divorce and you don’t know what to do? In this article, we will tackle this issue and find the best ways to deal with it and eventually fix this mess. You might want to drop everything that you are doing right now because the most important thing to do for this to work out is keep focused and pay attention to details. Your situation is very delicate. The outcome will make or break you. Read on and know better.

Self Check

First thing that we are going to do is to introspect. Let us look deeper within ourselves and ask: “Am I being the best woman that I can be?” As you ask this question, make sure not to answer them in a biased manner. Every criticism will be noted and to be changed to something better. We should always reflect and recall our actions. He wants the divorce and, obviously, you don’t. You are the party that needs to do the work here. So you better check yourself thoroughly and objectively.

You Can’t Change The Situation Yet! Change What You Can First.

Acting to soon can cause more harm than good. You must first take time to let the emotions settle down. Anger is a very dangerous thing. When you are angry, you may utter words that you don’t even mean. This is natural and we don’t have to change that. What you can do is avoid getting into conversations that lead to your problems. o be safe, avoid any type of conversations with him.

Now that you have a list of all things you need to change, change them. This will not happen over night. But you have to remember your weaknesses and try your best to control them. This is who you are? Well that version of you is losing your husband. She has to move aside and let the new you take over.


You have to swallow your pride. I know that it hurts to be rejected. You will be rejected a couple of times. You have to focus on the goal and stick to it. Keep in mind that your husband will be very vigilant and a few wrong moves can trigger another fight. Take care of him even when he is not around. Cook for him, Fix his stuff, clean your room, and give him space. He will notice this, I promise you.

A Little Help From Reliable Resources

There are also established step by step guide that focus on situations like the one you have right now. You might want to check them out. There are hundreds of relationship books out there and you should get at least one of them for reference. Obsession Phrases is an impressive book for relationship advice. It is like the relationship bible that every lover must have.

Good luck!

I wish you nothing but luck. Hold on and do your thing. It will pay off. Your husband will change his mind and value you even more than he used to. I wish you a happy life. Thank you for reading.

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