I Want to Get Laid Right Now Tonight So Bad! What to Do?!

So you’re at the top screaming “I WANT TO GET LAID RIGHT NOW!!!”

What are your options for making it happen tonight?

We’ll take a look on this page what your options are.

There’s really 3 realistic options that you have right now:

1) Fuck Buddy Sites

If you don’t know what a fuck buddy site is, it’s a website that allows you to find women or men in your area that are down to fuck.

I have made sure these 2 sites are legit..I have used both of them and have had success with both.

Site 1 =

Site 2 =

Careful of Scams

There are a lot of scummy sites out there that lie to you and take your money without you ever being able to meet any girls. Reason being is that the girls on the sites are fake and are employees of the website.

2) Escorts

I personally would not do this one because escorts are almost always nasty and filled with STDS unless you’re paying a ridiculous amount per hour. It’s always an option though.

3) Pick Up Chicks

This means going to bar, clubs, or any other social settings where you can pick up chicks. This is personally our favorite because you’re not going to get sluts or ugly women. You also have opportunities to meet women and turn them into a girlfriend, which means consistent sex :).

This is definitely the hardest out of all the options, but the most rewarding.

Most people suck and will be unsuccessful without any coaching or guidance.

Go check out the Tao of Badass program. This book will give you the info that you need to know to go home with a woman every night.

What Do I Prefer?

It just depends on how I am feeling.

I will either do the fuck buddy sites or go pick up chicks. I have never gotten an escort and I plan to keep it that way.

If I want something easy and doesn’t require me to do much then I will go to the fuck buddy site.

The positive side about the fuck buddy sites are that there are real women on the site. It also works awesome in big cities.

The negative is that the women aren’t that attractive. Additionally, if you live in a super small city it’s likely that there are no women that close to you.

If I want a bit of a challenge AND 100x hotter girl, I will go pick up chicks.

I have gotten pretty good at spitting game thanks to Tao of Badass.

I now close out on a lot of women that are rated 7 and below. I am not particularly the best looking dude either. I’m ok – but not a Tom Brady or something.

Positives to this is that I can get a way hotter chick who isn’t a slut and it could potentially turn into more.

Negatives is that you have to put in some work and will have to pay money for drinks, cab, etc…


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