Top Fuck Buddy Websites Reviewed

Finding the best fuck buddy websites can be tough.


Well majority of them are scams.

Lucky for you though. I have tried out A LOT of sites and there are only a few that are worth mentioning.

The 3 Best Fuck Buddy Sites

1 – Adult Friend Finder

Site =

AFF has had its ups and down over the years but it is consistently where I get the most results. The only way to get good results though is to get a paid membership. The free membership is very limited and won’t allow you to connect with everyone. Having a paid membership is a must for this website if you want success. With membership, you’ll be able to message every single person in your area, which maximizes your chance of having success.

Click here to check out Adult Friend Finder

2 – Coming Soon

Site =

3 – Coming Soon

Site =

Careful of Scams

You just need to be really careful of scams. This is why I strongly recommend only sticking to the three sides involved and not venturing too far away from those. There’s a significant drop in quality after those three websites. I would say probably about 90% of Fuck Buddy sites are complete scams…Whose only purpose is to take your money by prying on your desperation fuck someone. If you keep reading, I get into more details about this.

Why Free Sites Suck

1 – It’s almost always a scam

With these free website they’re almost always the scan. Essentially what they will do is they will are you in with fake girls and tell you that it is free. So you join..Then when you want to message the girls it will cost money. Or you’ll be able to send a couple messages and then

2 – The girls are fake

Pretty much all the girls on these free websites are fake. It will be employees of the company acting as if they are the girls on the site. Then if you message that girl, the employee who is faking being that girl and many others will be the one to message you back.

3 – You end up having to pay anyways

Even if you want to message someone that is on the free website. The chances are that site is going to make you pay in order to message them. Or they will let you message them a couple of times and then you have to pay after a couple of free messages.

Why Use a Fuck Buddy Site?

1 – Easy

2 – Inexpensive When You Think About It

Sure there is a monthly fee for these website

3 – Find New Girls

New girls show up on the sites each day, which is great because you can now use the site over again if your first, second, third, fourth, etc.. buddy didn’t work out. Or you just want to change it up!

4 – The Girls are crazy

No joke..I mean think about it..You’re on a fuck buddy site. These girls have fucked before..It’s not their first time. The girls that are on this website are down to fuck and they have the moves too.

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