Does Extenze Work Right Away?

On this page you’ll find out the answer to the question, “does Extenze work right away?”

You’ll also be able to find a little bit of extra information because we’ll educate you as much as possible about Extenze. We have a wide array of resources related to Extenze that will be able to help you.

Answer: Extenze does not work instantly. In our experience it’s going to take about 1-2 weeks to see noticeable results. It will take 4-8 weeks to see the maximum results.

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Why Extenze is Good?

Extenze is one of our top rated performance penis enhancers. Reason being is that you’re able to perform more effectively after a few weeks of using the supplement.

  • It Works – Lots of people around the world (including us) have gotten results with it.
  • Safety – It’s doctor approved & the ingredients are safe.
  • Money Back Guarantee – If it doesn’t work for you, you’re able to get your money back.

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Go Check Out My Review

One super helpful patient might be of some additional aid is my review page. This is where I break down the supplement and give you my phone experience, results, and overall thoughts with it. So if that’s something you’re interested be sure to follow the link below so that you can read all about it.

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Go Check Out Some Results

We have another super hopeful page here that deals with all the results that people are getting with this supplement. He’s just aren’t my results or anyone not from the team, but these are people from around the Internet posting their results with this. This is why this page can be helpful for you as well.

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It’s Not a Penis Enlargement Supplement

You need to understand that this is not a penis enlargement pill. So many people come on our blog and think that Extenze is going to permanently make their penis bigger. But the thing you need to realize is that is just a enhancement pill.

With this pill you’re going to be able to see harder erections, ability to keep an erection throughout sex, have an increase sex drive, and last longer while having sex.

Any sort of growth value experiences going to be from you getting a harder erection. If you’re someone who is only getting flaccid erections that you will be able to see your penis become hard and in turn, you will receive that additional length. If you are able to already fully erect your penis then you can expect you only see maybe a couple centimeters increase.

As for how much growth you can see it is really going to depend upon the size of your penis. Typically a bigger penis is going to see more increase in length because there is more to work with.

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