#1 Reason You’re Not Getting Swiped Right on Tinder

It’s pretty simple guys… With tender comes down to is having a good profile picture you are able to have a really good profile picture and a few other good photos of yourself in the album and you are going to really get a lot more swipes.

In these photos you want to have a couple of different things. You want to display a couple of key characteristics throughout your photos.

  1. Show You’re somewhat good looking

Every single person has this in them. I don’t care who you are what body type that you have you should be able to find a couple photos where your smiling eyes and it would be considered a good photo via other people looked at it.

2. Show you like to have fun

You need to have a fun picture. This could be a photo of you out some where. This is important to keep bases that you don’t come across as a boring person.

Okay guys that’s it for now I know you should be able to went a few more swipes by implementing those techniques. See ya!

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