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Unlock Her Legs Customer Reviews: Does it Work? Or Scam?

Unlock Her Legs is one of the newest booming dating guide created and developed by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge. It is also the name of a particular technique they were able to discover.

The idea that everyone lives is that women desire something they could not have. Women always like provocations. For example, if this woman has an idea that you like her, she would lie about having another man and seemingly “thinking” of other choices. A lot of us wanted a different world from this but it is already the harsh reality of showing that women will always go for players who repudiate being tied to someone completely. Most of us might think that it’s an effortless and a natural gift for them to be able to get any sexy women. However, these men are just making it unpredictable for women and also being a huge challenge. However, majority of guys do the opposing way and are the one wooing the women.

This guide is recommendable for people who wants to be an advantage to his relationship. This is a great innovation in a psychological way.

A “mind game” will be demonstrated to you by this dating guide. It will not just get girls to chase over you but also to be overly attached to you. This is the main notion about this guide, women going after you and not vice versa. They call this as the “Chase Reflex”. Here are some few easy steps to be able to obtain this idealism.

  • State of Suspense. This will aid on education you how to induce a plant of dilemma in a woman’s mind. This will result for her to go for you. Added to that, it also gives you knowledge when does a discussion between a man and a woman transitions into a relationship or maintains as a normal conversation between two people.
  • This pace educates you on how to be the alpha in a relationship for a woman to desire you even more.
  • This pace will educate a man how to compel a woman to find her acceptance through you. You will learn how to make a circumstance to be able to do that.
  • This will teach you how to drive a woman crazy on what she will expect out of you. This is a fast way to lure her.

Steps after Purchase

The main manual has added bonus learning materials which includes Invisible Escalation, She’s Sending You Signals, The Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence, The Magnetic Effect Pattern, Her Erogenous Zones and 12 Conversations That Will Make Her Fall In Love. The main tutorial manual can be downloaded online as an eBook format.


You can apply the methods to any woman even the one who have recently friend-zoned you. It has multiple bonus materials for aiding your sexual life.


Too much things to read. It may take a lot of time especially to people who have other things to do.