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Text Your Ex Back Review. Will it Work? or Scam?

In this article you’re going to read my review for the book, Text Your Ex Back.

***I’ve had requests to provide a download link for the program at the beginning of this article.

You can download it from here

There’s a couple things that are different about this review.

For starters, I’ve actually read the book.

Second off, All the sites that post these “reviews” are ones that are like texturexback.com…Basically some website just put up to make money off of you.

So many of the things you read on there are just completely made up.

With that said, you will find my thoughts on the program after reading it and even putting it to the test!!!

What is Text Your Ex Back?

The ebook created by a relationship expert called Mike Fore.

Mike has become incredibly famous appearing on national television and offering his relationship advice.

The program says that by following the guide, you will be able to have forgiveness from your ex and be able to get back with them.

What Do You Get?

  • Blueprint to texting your ex male or female
  • Exact text messages to send
  • A chance to reconnect with your ex girlfriend or boyfriend

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My Review

I had been waiting to put this book to the test and there was no better time than right after I had been broken up with by 2 girls within 3 weeks…Even the Dating Advice Specialist fails from time to time!

I didn’t necessarily want to get back with them, but I figured this would be a good opportunity to test out this product.

Both of these women that broke up with me. One was a week ago and the second once was a month and a half ago. So it is good time frames to test the techniques.

Girl #1

Ended up using that technique that is for more recent breakouts. I sent her a few texts and within the next week we texted back and forth a bit.

This break off was a little bit more recent,  so I really was a little bit more careful. However, the good news is is that I was able to get a response and she said she was also willing to meet me for a drink.

Girl #2

The next girl I tested the techniques was one who broke up with me about a month and half ago.

We had a little bit of a rough break up, However our relationship was good for the most part. So when I started to text her back I wasn’t expecting a response at all. To my surprise though he responded.

Now did I actually want to get back into a relationship with these 2 women in particular? No I didn’t so I left the texts at that. But it does show using the techniques I was able to get a response.

They Offer a Money Back Guarantee

Program comes with a money back guarantee. So if you’re following the steps and you ever have trouble and you’re not going to make it happen, you’re going to be able to get your money completely back so there’s really not much risk.

Where to get it

There’s only one place to get it and that’s from Michael Fiore’s official website.

site = http://textyourexback.com

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