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Tao of Badass Review – Did it Work Well?

Hey what’s up guys it’s Justin here again. I wanted to write a review about the Tao of Badass…So I’m going to do just that :).

What’s it About?

It is a bunch of videos and books that make up the series created by Joshua Pellicer. If you don’t know who Joshua is, he is a man who is has dedicated his life to finding out what makes girls click. To add onto that, he isn’t even that good looking, which is what makes it so great! After getting dumped countless times, he said – no more of that! “I want to be able to pick up any girl I please…” So he hit the psychology books and started to put science to the test! Low and behold..it worked…Now he has written loads of books and has created tons of videos about picking up girls and getting them to want you…This is why he has created his newest piece of work called, the Tao of Badass.

My Experience

Overall, the program is very well constructed. I was really happy with the presentation and quality of things. The information he gives really is a big eye opener. I also liked that the information wasn’t rocket science either. There is definitely some advanced content in the videos, however it was nothing where I found myself going…”Uh what?”. All of it was very clear, concise, and actionable.

I really tore through all the resources within the system in about a couple of weeks…There really is a lot too!

There were a few tactics in there that REALLLLLLLY helped me out. I have always been someone that gets freindzoned and the tactics regarding how to defeat this has helped me immensely. The first month I used it, I turned multiple girls into not being in the friendzone which is awesome.

Customer Review

If you look online at other websites, people are generally very happy with purchasing the book and the content that is in the book. One person in particular stated that if there were one dating book on how to pick up girls that this should be the one. Another said that it changed his life drastically because he was able to actually pick up hot girls instead of complete duds with these tactics.

Where to Buy It

There is only one place to purchase the system and that is from their official website.

Click here to go to the official website.

What to Expect

Here’s a video from the author, Joshua Pellicer. It will give you a good idea about what you should expect from the Tao of Badass book. This excerpt video is part of the actual tao of badass system!

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