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Review Criteria

This page outlines our review criteria for any time that we review a product or book related to dating.

We wanted to take the time to make this page so that you can fully understand what we are basing these reviews off. We want you to understand completely where we are coming from when we are reviewing a certain product.

Our System

Currently we are on the 5 star rating system.



Is the product of high quality? Does it break easy? If it’s a book, does it suck? Or is it a good read? Was the material presented well?


How effective was the product? Did it do what it was intended? Higher rating means that the product was effective. Lower rating means it was not effective.


How easy was it to get the desired outcome? Did you have to spend a lot of time? Did it take a long time?


This is answered by Yes or No. We want you to know whether it’s legit or not.