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#1 Reason You’re Not Getting Swiped Right on Tinder

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It’s pretty simple guys… With tender comes down to is having a good profile picture you are able to have a really good profile picture and a few other good photos of yourself in the album and you are going to really get a lot more swipes. In these photos ...

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The 5 Dating Memes Making Me LOL

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Guy these are some of my favorite online dating. You know I’m always a sucker for good overweight joke. I tried to pick a few out that we’re good for guys and girls. But please forgive me if there are more guy based…as you know I am a guy..Ok I’m ...

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How to Fuck a Girl?! Let’s Take a Look

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On this page I’m going to cover how to fuck a girl. But first…Which way do you mean it? Do you mean you want to try to have a girl to have sex with you? 2. Or do you mean you want to know how to physically fuck a girl? ...

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Which Dating Apps Yield the Best Results?

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After extensive research and years of using different apps we have determined and conclude that Tinder is by far the best dating app out right now. However, it really depends on your age group and what you are looking for. Those in their 20s are using Tinder in order to ...

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