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Obsession Phrases Review Guide – Is it a Scam?

On this page you’ll find my official review for the book, Obsession Phrases.

I take a look at what it is all about.

About the Book

Obsession Phrases is a guide for women that gives you what to say to lull men into committing to a long term relationship and commit to you.

The book was written by Kelsey Diamond who is a relationship counselor.

The book revolves around teaching you emotional trigger phrases (ETP) to get what you want. Within this course you’re learned what, when, and how to say these phrases to get what you want.

Some of the phrases can help you do some great things.

For example, there is a whiz bang phrases. His phrases for game another day after the first. You use this phrase to be with to get a connection with the man. The next one is the subconscious bonding phrase. This is where you can start to create a loving bond. The next one is the everlasting attraction phrase this means you will learn the phrase that won’t get your guide dreaming about you all day. There are many more like this.

My Experience and Thoughts

Overall this was an interesting read. I thought that phrases were very clever and there was a good amount of psychology behind the phrase. I think the section that I like the most is the way Spain raise. This phrase you’re able to easily make connections with men. One of the biggest problems that I had was being able to get past the first couple of days. I want to be able to form a connection with certain men that don’t want to form a connection with me. So for them to be able to have something that could potentially help out is really great. I did not putting it to the task at hand with the first man it didn’t work, but with the second one didn’t work. So it’s not like this is a stopgap solution, something that you cannot work on and and that working out for me in the end.

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