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Why Does my Husband Hate me So Much?!

Sometimes in your married life, your husband will hate you. I don’t mean this in a cute and funny way. What I am talking about is hate that comes with disgust and disrespect. This kind of problem can affect the family greatly because your communication will be impaired by his ill feelings towards you. You might have tried to ask him about it but he still can’t tell you the reason why. You are left to your self and blinded about what the real problem is. In this article, I will help you find out the reason why your husband hates you so much.

Do Not Ask Him

Do not ask him immediately. You have to learn as much as you can before confronting him. The fact is there is a reason why he is acting this way and the best thing to do is figure out an approach before getting into an argument or confrontation. You will have to pin point the reason why he hated you. Here are the common reasons why husbands loathe their wives:

You Earn More Than He Does

Guys are very insecure beings. They love to be seen as independent and reliable as much as they can. Aside from their balls and testosterone, they are really sensitive when it comes to comparing income. If they are the breadwinner of the family, like how it should be, they will take pride on it and feel empowered. Having a wife who earns more than he does is a  very depressing position to be in for a man. Guys love to feel alpha and it’s very difficult to feel that way when the woman is paying the bills. At first he will feel self pity and a huge chance of dislacing his anger at you.

You Spend Too Much Time Outside

Men love to be waited on. Ever since the marriage system was invented, women has always been serving their husbands. Do not get me wrong, I am not implying sexism here. This is the nature of marriage. Acting like a single person when you are already married will greatly affect your family. Your husband will notice more flaws in your relationship and more reasons to hate you.

You Talk Too Much

A nagging wife is the worst wife. Women are meant to discipline their husbands in a gentle and loving way. Sometimes, women skip the loving factor and jump right in to the disciplining which steps on your man’s pride. He will feel unappreciated and not respected. He will hold a grudge against you and will hate you for your out of control nagging

Where To Get Help

If you have one of those qualities, you are gonna have a problem if you don’t act as soon as possible. Your husband will leave you if this goes on. You probably do not know what to do now. Here is an easy solution to your problem. Read a book! Obsession Phrases has been helping out troubled men and women fix their relationship. There are a lot of phony books out their so you better be careful and play safe with Obsession Phrases. I guarantee that you will find the money back guarantee ridiculously unnecessary.

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