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Language of Desire Customer Reviews: Does it Work? Or Scam?

The Language of Desire is a firm solid agenda created by Felicity Keith. This program was invented for the purpose of knowing the difference between men and women. In this way, both of you and your partner to have a full and happy sexual life.

This program is intended to teach women. It shows how to properly use, words, statements and mentality to become the man your men desires. It also teaches the women of the emotional and mental constitution of a man and how to use dirty talk in order to take any man you want and making him do things that will sway you. Felicity Keith personally shows you how to provoke genuine love, treatment, commitment and want in your partner. For an overview about the Language of Desire, here is a short summary about it.

What is the inside of the Language of Desire?

The Language of Desire has specifically ten parts. You can download it and view in PDF format. Every part has lessons with 1-2 worksheet(s) at the end. Also, in each part methods are carefully interpreted for an easy understanding of your partner, his sexual desires and you can obtain a Primal Sexual encounter with him. Quick titles for each module are the following.

  1. Introduction
  2. Become a Sexual Superwoman
  • Loving Man’s Best Friend (not a dog)
  1. Brain Chemistry and Sex
  2. Erotic Action Movie Technique
  3. Desire Intensifiers
  • Upgrade Your Relationship Status
  • Getting Your Fantasies Met by Making Him Think Those Are His
  1. When Sex Isn’t Possible
  2. Dirty Talk Mastery

Why choose the Language of Desire?

The most common complain of women about their partners is that they are too busy with other things. These women get frustrated since their men lack interest from them. It’s not just about your beautiful face, nice body and a good inside, it is much more than that to keep them happy and focused on you. In this way, you will ensure your relationship will never go stale. You just have to listen to the video by the author.


  • Personal knowledge of the author is being shared. This way, women can easily connect as she also brings her own experience with men.
  • If you don’t like this training, you can take your money back as long as it doesn’t take 60 days. It’s a 100 % refund.
  • The major agenda is separated into ten different parts. This is an easy way to be able to comprehend it properly.
  • It goes into a deeper world of sex that people aren’t comfortable sharing but are affecting everyone.
  • There are a lot of examples for each part.


  • Exclusive for women. It would be better if there is a male version to this.
  • Strong sexual language. It is not suitable for those who are not cool with that type of language.
  • Some might not even afford it or maybe not worth their money.