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What To Do When Your Husband Wants A Divorce

Situation: Your husband wants a divorce. More often than not, you will not know what to do. This is tragic situation for a relationship. For whatever cause, divorce will always be messy and result to a few permanent damages here and there. There are a million ways to break a relationship but very few solutions to fixing it. The odds of breaking relationships will always be higher than the possibility of a strong and enduring marriage. In this post, I will enumerate the best things to do when your husband wants a divorce. Let’s clear up this cloudy mess.


It will be hard to do but you have to see to it that you don’t hold everything inside of you. Remember that to much pressure inside can cause an object to explode. There are a lot of things going around our head and the best way to act is to open up to someone. Let your mind and heart breathe. A listening ear is the best solution. You need to tell someone else about your solution. This is not self-pity. Sharing the load can help you greatly.

Stop Communicating

The biggest mistake you will make is holding the pan while it’s hot. A divorce will always come with strong emotions like anger. Anger is not the best way to feel when you are trying to fix something. You should set aside your desire to fix things and allow everything to cool down first. Give each other space and time to think.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Stop apologizing. There is a thing about apologies that causes it to lose its meaning. When you say too much, it begins to not make sense. If you are really sorry, it does not have to be backed by words. Acting like you are sorry the best way to go. Words need not be said. Just show him that you regret whatever wrong things you have done and be a better wife.

Do Not Make Promises Too Soon

You will feel the urge to make a bargain. You might promise to do something or not do something if he agrees to cancel the divorce. Here’s the thing, on the verge of a divorce, your emotions are running wild and can make you desperate and make bad decisions. You have to be realistic. I know this is hard at this point but believe me, control yourself! You can make amends after everything simmers down and conversations become more objective than subjective.

Last Resort: Temporary Separation

Do not get dismayed. Focus on the word “temporary” and dwell in that. For some reason, he does not want to be with you anymore. That is what he wants at the moment and you are going to give that. When you are too desperate, his ego is being fed and he will feel power over you. If you give him the separation that he wants, there is a huge chance that he will realize he cannot live without you. He sees a glimpse of a life without you and he realizes he can’t live a life without you by his side.

Self Improvement

You are a broken person and broken person cannot fix things. You have to fix yourself first before you fix your relationship. Be a better woman. Go to the gym, attend counseling groups, or get a hobby. Increase your knowledge and improve your character.

Always remember that your marriage matter to your husband, too. Just do the following steps and everything will work out just fine.

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